Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews

You know, we tired of brewing too much coffee at once, only to have it go to waste? and a single serve coffee maker could be the ideal solution. We think this type of coffee maker is renowned for its efficiency, often making a steaming cup of coffee in just minutes and you can find smaller single serve machines as well as ones that make anywhere from one to 10 or more servings at a time. It’s great! There’s a wide range to choose from, including basic and affordable no-frills units as well as much pricier machines with all the bells and whistles. If you also need a new coffee maker, will help you find many products to choose to buy yourself a good product and the most suitable.

Coffee machine market

Single serve coffee makers can provide a cup of fresh coffee at any time of day without any hassle or trouble. We can see that in recent years they have become popular because of their convenience and consistency to the needs of coffee lovers, whether they are used at home Or in the office, even in hotels and cafes, they are very popular and satisfy everyone. Single serve coffee makers are also an intelligent replacement for automatic drip machines in many cases, for its speed and efficiency.

A coffee machine uses a coffee machine to mix a meal. Coffee lovers can find their favorite flavors with coffee and a variety of different ingredients available in coffee such as coffee, milk, hot chocolates, tea and more. The producers also pay attention to the other flavors for those who like less coffee. So because it’s convenient and suitable for today’s economy, coffee lovers can save money by brewing the perfect coffee at their home instead of going to places have coffee in the coffee shop. Single serve coffee makers can invite customers especially when you have a wide variety of K-cup available to enjoy.

Please understand what you need

If you love to drink coffee and want to prepare yourself and enjoy coffee at home, you may want to buy a coffee maker. However, choosing which machine is not easy, it depends not only on financial ability but also depends on your interest and passion for coffee.

Coffee machine “popular”

The sidewalk cafes that guests call just a glass of “black coffee with ice” or “hot coffee” and sit out with a small chair may not be as sophisticated as the coffee. Visitors to the cafe only require good quality coffee, “a bit”, then add the requirement “more milk” “little ice”, more sophisticated then call a coffee to mix and sip. It can be said, guests “addicted” the coffee atmosphere on the sidewalk than the coffee cup itself.

Coffee at the sidewalk, coffee “bubbly” coffee in the corner of the park …, usually the juice was mixed in advance, customers call the only milk processing, ice cubes into cups of coffee. The coffee may be suitable for those who have the time, the youth students like gathering friends to blow the wind, or the leisurely looking busy streets … But if you have just enough time rush For a morning cup of coffee before going to work, or wanting to woken up in the early morning garden with a coffee without a fancy coffee, a cheap coffee machine is probably enough for you. .

These models have in common the fact that there is only one coffee filter on the top and a coffee pot on the bottom. When used, put the coffee powder in the filter, add enough water to the desired quantity of coffee and press the button, the machine will heat water to extract the coffee, the coffee solution will flow into the side container. Underneath, you can pour into this jar beforehand to get a cup of hot milk. This machine can be used to make tea.

However, among the popular coffee makers, there are also some interesting products. Although cheap, the functional design of these models is quite similar to expensive models with milk hose, coffee filter and coffee filter press that allow coffee to be extracted. selected.

Medium range coffee machine

On the market today, espresso machines are usually categorized as either automatic or semi-automatic machines, but we classify them according to their selling price because of their high-end and low-end models. Medium and high range coffee machines are mostly imported from Europe such as Italy, Switzerland, Germany … so the quality of machine is good, durable, beautiful design, luxurious, price of machine Mainly distinguished by function and brand.

At mid-range, you have a wide selection of coffeemakers with around $ 250- $ 500, most of which offer the same functionality as the cheaper models above, but more Precise temperature control, warming function and keep warm cups, milking better … If functional, these machines are semi-automatic, meaning that the machine only helps you extract coffee (with The speed is very fast, only a few tens of seconds to 1, 2 minutes), then you press the button to start the whisk, then homemade milk into the coffee, decorated if you want. Meanwhile, the automatic machine will mix milk with coffee and you just enjoy.

High-end coffee machine

The price of coffee machines in this group can range from $ 1000- $ 3000, most of which are automatic machines that can grind coffee and mix it with milk according to user requirements. Users can manually select buttons for the desired coffee (espresso, latte, macchiato, cappuccino …) or requirements for darkness, warming of coffee cups, etc. The program is already programmed in the machine
These are truly “coffee” machines when you have absolutely nothing to do except to put the ingredients in the machine and wait, the waiting time is also very short, extremely fast. Even those with the Drip cafe mode, will give a small cup of coffee to the people who do not like the feeling of making “industrial” coffee. This is great for those who love to drink coffee.

Although the price difference is much different, but we still ranked them in the high-end group by the amount of money to buy up to several tens of million, then the buyer must be “conditional”, both for business purposes or Buy for office, workplace …

Professional espresso machine

This can be said that the line dedicated to restaurants, bars, hotels range from $ 3,000 to $ 9,000, with specimens up to $ 15,000. Although they are “professional” machines, they are semi-automatic coffee machines, meaning that the machine only performs some automatic functions, the remaining work belongs to the barista and skillful dexterity of Each barista will be the factor to bring success and reputation to a cafe. This contributes to the color and flavor of each coffee shop.

Smaller coffee shops with high-end consumers probably do not need this expensive line, but the cafes are classy and want to showcase and brand through unique coffees. Having hand crafted by the skilled barista can not lack these high-end machines.

Those who know coffee are always wishing to use this machine to help them create different coffee, delicious, rich.

One thing to note is that semi-automatic coffee machines only mix coffee powder, and automatic coffee machines can grind coffee. So let’s keep this in mind. Therefore, if you buy a vending machine for a restaurant, then you need to choose a coffee grinder. However, all professional espresso machines allow you to control very well the water temperature, milk temperature, warmth of the coffee cup, the amount of coffee required for a cup of coffee, the speed of milking From 0 to the desired level of ultrafast heat, coffee is extracted to give a high concentration of raw material savings, everything is backed up to a great cup of coffee …, Machine prices are largely determined by machine capacity, so depending on the size of your business you choose the right machine.

So, depending on the financial capabilities and features you use and desire, you can choose a coffee machine from dozens of models in the market. If you are an individual in a family living room, you may need only one automatic machine, very leisurely and easy to serve visitors. If for business, semi automatic machines and an experienced barista will help you attract patrons to the shop. And it can be a great place for many people to enjoy coffee.

Welcome to to find and buy Single-serve coffee makers

Coffee is a popular drink nowadays is a lot of people use in daily life. In the morning, a cup of coffee will give you a sense of alertness and excitement for a day of work; on hot days, hot coffee will warm your body, at times of distraction, Working stressed coffee will get you back to the spirit, focus on the work and help you complete the work better … To get a cup of coffee is a fine process of meticulous preparation. However, in today’s modern life, people are getting busier, so they have less time to make their own cup of coffee. Understanding it, manufacturers are now researching and launching coffee machines. With just a few simple coffee machines and moments of delicious coffee, coffee machines will meet your needs throughout the day.

To meet the needs of the is providing customers with common cafes, espresso machines of many famous brands. With this coffee maker, you can make your own delicious coffee for your family and colleagues in your office in just a few minutes of waiting.

*Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

This review is based on personal experience and customer reviews around the internet.

My personal experience with single serve coffee maker came about a year ago when my old braun finally kicked the bucket. I scoured the internet as you are right now looking for a maker with the proper brew temperature, thermal carafe etc. I had a friend that suggested I tried the new “k-cup makers” and initially I blew it off thinking it would be too hard to find the k cups and too much hassle.

She invited me over the following week and of course served me coffee. From that moment on I was a believer. It was my first experience with Green Mountain Coffee  Columbian Roast. The next cup I insisted on making and it was so much fun putting in the selected (decaf) k-cup in the holder and pressing the appropriate button and viola fresh coffee in less than 30 seconds. Experiencing it this way made me realize how great it would be to have a different flavor every cup. I read many reviews and decided to buy the Keurig B60 and I will never go back. I actually think that every household will convert and this is the modern way to drink coffee.

*Single Serve Coffee Maker

A nicely brewed coffee in the morning before you are heading towards your work is like a tonic or energy booster to start your day. And if you are living alone or away from your home for work or living, single serve coffee maker can be your best buddy in kitchen.

What is single serve coffee maker?

A single serve coffee maker as the name suggests serves one cup of perfect tasting coffee at once. They are easy to use, easy to clean and brew coffee each time without even wasting any coffee grounds or kitchen counter space.

Single serve coffee maker doesn’t means it’s just made for single people living alone out there. It’s equally good for small-families where they just need 2-4 cups of coffee each day.

Top rated single serve coffee makers
Recent consumer reports listed the top single serve coffee makers

1. DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Circolo
2. Smart Café My Invento
3. DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Creativa Plus
4. DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Piccolo
5. Starbucks Verismo 580
Click here to view the price, features and drawback

The top features one should look for before buying this are –

1. Ability to brew different selection of coffees i.e. cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate or mocha etc.
2. Different temperature settings – most likely consumers need is steaming hot cup of coffee
3. Large water reservoir – the capacity of water tank should be enough the consumer don’t have to fill the tank for each single brew.
4. Cup size selector – freedom to select cup sizes from small, medium or large as per your mood or need.
5. Speed – at what speed it’s brewing a cup. Ideally a single serve should not take much of a time to brew a single cup.

Other features like energy efficiency, easy to use digital control panels, easy to clean parts, looks, color and style etc. can be considered while choosing the best appliance for the kitchen which goes with the décor and look good on the kitchen counter without making any cluster over there.

Budget is another important factor. Market is flooded with different coffee makers; you have to make a choice while buying one. Consider its features, brand, design and price before investing in any. It is wise enough to check online deals and reviews before buying any product.

Single serve coffee maker is hassle-free appliance which brews perfect coffee each time. With coffee pods the aroma, flavor and taste are already packed in that small peapod which releases perfect brew each time. It’s that easy that even kids can brew coffee for all.

There are just few disadvantages in it that you don’t have control over the strength of your coffee flavor because of those pre-diffused pods. Another disadvantage could be pods – if you don’t have these pods you can’t make coffee at all and pods are little expensive than ground coffee.

Nevertheless, every coin has its flip side. Choose the appliance which fits to your budget, need and requirements and the one which is just best for you.

Which single serve coffee maker do you use? share in comments section

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*A Buyers Guide to The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

People often ask what is the BEST Single Serve Coffee Maker? The answer is, of course, it depends on YOUR needs. This handy buyers guide takes you through key considerations (size, power, ease of use, cleaning, and capacity) to help narrow down the choices for you.

Be sure to check out the Reviews section to learn more about our favorite models.

Considering the Size

Whether you have a large house or a tiny apartment, counter space is always at a premium. When you make a decision to purchase a single cup coffeemaker, you have already chosen one of the smallest of all coffeemaker appliances. Single cup coffeemakers have a few tricks that make them even more counter-space friendly than even the smallest of appliances.

Base Space

The space used by the base of the coffeemaker is designed to stabilize the appliance and hold your mug steady. Most single serving coffeemakers have a base that is around 6 to 8 inches wide. This gives you plenty of space for even the biggest mug in your cabinet. Keep in mind that you will want a bigger cup of coffee occasionally, so having an adjustable cup size is remarkably handy.


Keeping the coffeemaker on the counter and under the top row of cabinets is pretty standard placement in any home. If you want to be able to store the appliance easily, then a single serving coffeemaker is perfect for you. Most of these coffeemakers are 10 to 11 inches in height, making them simple to slip into a cabinet or store under the sink.


The single cup coffeemaker is easy to move and store because it does not have the heavy water reservoir that comes with many larger models. With an average weight of less than 2 pounds, a single serving coffeemaker is just the right size and weight for a kitchen with little space.

Considering the Power Usage

When you are considering your purchase of a single serving coffee maker, you will want to be sure to check out power consumption. With the rising cost of electricity these days, you do not want to make a buy that sits on your counter and costs you extra money. Considering the coffee makers power consumption can save you money in the long run.

Sleep Mode

Many single serving coffee makers come with the option of a sleep mode or sleep timer. When your coffee maker is sitting on the counter and it is plugged into the wall, it is consuming electricity. This is sometimes hard to imagine, since the coffee maker really is not doing anything for much of the day. Unfortunately, while that coffee maker is waiting for you to want a cup of coffee, it is stealing money from your wallet. The average coffee maker can draw almost eight hundred watts of electricity while in use. As long as that cup warmer is warming, the coffee maker is drawing power.


Timers on single serving coffee makers allow the machine to shut down completely and then turn themselves at an appropriate time. This little addition to the coffee maker can save you money each month on your electric bill. Unfortunately, having a timer means that your coffee maker must remain plugged into the wall to function correctly. The appliance draws small amounts of electricity to maintain the timing. The only way to completely limit power usage by any appliance, including a coffee maker, is to unplug the appliance when you finish using it.

Considering How Easy It is to Use

When you want to get your morning started quickly, a single serving coffeemaker is the perfect appliance. Rather than waiting for a long brew cycle to complete, these single cup coffeemakers have speedy starts and finishes. Your steaming cup of coffee can be ready in less than a minute with some of these quickly little machines. What should you look for when purchasing a single cup coffeemaker? Speed and ease of use!


All single serving coffeemakers come with a manual. Look for the coffeemaker with a quick start manual to get the speediest cup of coffee for your morning. Quick starts allow the user to pour a cup of water into the coffeemaker, add coffee in the form of grounds or pods and then press the start button. It is as simple as that to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Ease of Use

Ease of use and speed go hand-in-hand in the coffeemaker world. Remember that the quick start in the morning is the easiest way to get your coffeemaker brewing. Many of the pricier models offer brewing timers that allow you to avoid even the minimum of setup in the morning. With a timer, you can add coffee and water to the coffeemaker at night before you go to bed. In the morning, the coffeemaker turns itself on and brews your coffee. Ease of use will extend to the cleaning process, so remember to look at your coffeemaker model carefully before purchasing. You will want to choose a model with a surface material that is simple to clean.

Consider the Cleaning

Of course, your single cup coffeemaker is going to be easy to clean. Who is going to make a single cup of coffee and then spend 20 minutes scrubbing the coffeemaker? These coffeemakers are designed to be simple to use and simple to clean. Keeping a few simple items in mind when choosing your single cup coffeemaker will save plenty of headaches down the road.

Removable Drip Tray

To begin, you will want to choose a coffeemaker with a removable and dishwasher safe drip tray. This will make a giant difference when it comes to clean up time because you can just pop the tray out of the coffeemaker and into the dishwasher. If the drip tray is not removable make sure that it is made of a material that is easy to clean. Hard plastic, ceramic and stainless steel are all excellent choices when it comes to drip tray materials.

Removable Water Reservoir

If possible, choose a coffeemaker with a removable water reservoir. This will save you plenty of time and aggravation when it comes to cleaning the coffeemaker. Even though it holds only a single cup, coffeemakers tend to be a bear to clean when that reservoir is attached to the body of the machine.

Durable Materials

Keep in mind that repeated use creates wear on flimsy plastic parts of a coffeemaker. Putting a little effort into inspecting for quality materials will give you a coffeemaker that lasts for years. You use your coffeemaker every single day, so make sure that it is durable enough to take the heat.

Considering the Capacity

You might not imagine that you would need to consider the capacity of a single serving coffee maker. A cup is a cup, right? Not really! A cup might be that coffee mug that you have in your cabinet, or it could be a 20 ounce travel mug that give you your coffee fix on the commute to work. Considering the capacity of your single serving coffee maker will save you the cost of having to double your coffee supplies when you want a larger cup of coffee.

Variable Cup Size

The variable cup size option on a single serving coffee maker is extremely handy. This feature allows the user to select the perfect cup size and coffee strength for their individual preference. You are able to calibrate the amount of water that you would like and vary this amount according to your cup or mug size. For larger travel mugs, this option is indispensable. Many of the coffee makers without this option have a limited height between the spray nozzle and the drip tray.

Remember that you may want to make beverages other than coffee with your coffee maker. Choosing a single serving coffee maker with a larger water reservoir will give you the flexibility to create a delicious home-brewed cup of iced tea or hot cocoa, as well as coffee. The extra space is also perfect when you do not like strong coffee. Using a larger water reservoir you can get two cups of coffee from a single coffee pod.

*Single Serve Coffee Makers Make A Variety of Drinks

Coffee makers make coffee, of course. A single serving coffee maker can also be used to create those hot drinks that get you through the chilly winter months. Surprisingly, a single serving coffee maker can also be used to make some amazing cold drinks, as well.

Iced Tea

For a delicious and refreshing glass of iced tea, the single serving coffee maker is the perfect choice. Brewed tea is much tastier than the powdered version and the varieties will amaze you. From sweet old-fashioned iced tea to a soft mint tea, the single serving coffee maker brews them all. Even green tea or jasmine tea taste better when freshly brewed and poured over ice.

Hot Cocoa

Many of the single serving coffee makers have pods available for drinks like hot chocolate or hot cocoa. Try this drink in an iced version and you have a refreshing chocolate experience for any time of the day. Chocolate drinks are a favorite for children and families, especially during the holiday season.


Your single serving coffee maker doubles as an espresso machine when you need that extra kick of caffeine. From flavored coffees to hot and rich espresso, there are hundreds of choices for both hot and cold drinks that can be created in a coffee maker. The best part about this process is that you are not wasting ingredients on a giant pot of coffee or tea. You can choose some of the pricier coffee and tea products without breaking your budget.

When you choose your single serving coffee maker, you will be amazed with the huge variety of coffee choices that are available to you. From flavored to dry roasted to pod coffees, the choices are endless. Many of the most popular coffee choices are now accessible in those great little coffee pods.
Roasting Choices

From dark roasted to dry roasted, coffee choices are always delicious. A dark roasted coffee will be much stronger than an American roast or medium coffee style. Your roasting choice will affect the flavor of your coffee, so keep in mind that a darker roast will often make two cups of coffee for the price of one.

Regular or Decaf

Almost any type of coffee will come in caffeinated or decaf style. If you are on a low caffeine diet for health, this is excellent news. Even the richest of roasts are now offered caffeine free. Choose a pod or a bag of grounds for your single serving coffee maker and enjoy your coffee.

Flavored Coffee

Flavored coffee is very trendy and is a delicious way to explore the world of coffee. You can choose from flavorings like chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut or toasted pecan to satisfy your coffee urges and your sweet tooth at the same time. Flavored coffee pods are so much fun to choose that many companies offer mix and match options. You can pick one of each flavor or choose a batch of a single flavor. Next time you order coffee take a look at the amazing flavor choices.

Choosing Coffee Beans of Coffee Pods

When you have a single serving coffee maker, your next item of purchase will be the coffee. This opens a whole world of options for the coffee buyer. There are hundreds of roasts, flavors and styles of coffee for any taste. Choosing the way your coffee will enter your coffee maker will be the first item on your coffee buying agenda.


Coffee pods are an awesome new addition to the single serving coffee maker world. These handy little items dispense exactly the right amount of coffee in a tiny round or flat package. The upside of coffee pods is the complete ease of use that they provide. You simply remove the pod from its package and place it into the receiving tray on the coffee maker. Press the brew button and watch your coffee appear. Once the brew cycle is finished you can remove the pod and toss it right into the garbage. Coffee pods come in a huge variety of flavors, and in any roasting style that you can imagine. The downside to the pods is their cost. This handy package comes with a price and that price is a bit higher than the average coffee bean purchase.


Coffee beans are the basis of any good cup of coffee. When you have a single serving coffee maker, you can always choose beans rather than pods for your coffee. Remember that if you purchase whole beans, you will also need a grinder and coffee filters to get those beans prepared for the machine. Coffee beans tend to be less expensive to purchase than coffee pods, but the added equipment and clean up might offset that cost.

*Best Single Served Coffee Maker- Know Your Need And Then Enjoy

If you have not explored the whole world then you are unaware of the fact that the entire world has become enthusiastic for coffee. It does not matter from where you are, or where you are going to spend vacations, the thing that matters is the availability of a fresh cup of coffee.
In recent years, coffee has been given the place of revolution in the daily life. People do not know how much things they can make from coffee or how much they feel refreshed after a cup of delicious coffee.

Then people began to search for the coffee brewers available in the market. They do so just to get the perfectly brewed coffee beans in your home whenever they want it. So, what type of coffee brewer is on your kitchen counter?
There are a number of online retailers and stores selling the best branded coffee makers to their customers. Your selection entirely depends on the nature of your preference.

If you want a coffee brewer to make one cup of coffee at a time then the latest technology of single serving coffee maker is the perfect choice. This type of coffee making machine has the ability to make various kinds of hot drinks within two minutes with fussing any settings or measuring in the machine.

One remarkable example of the best single serving coffee maker is “Tassimo Coffee Brewer” that is equipped with highly innovative and powerful system to operate the process. But, the real efficiency and capabilities of these coffee brewers can be examined from the best single served coffee maker reviews that give right information is the most concise manner.

What type of coffee maker you want for brewing?

The question over the kind of coffee you want to make is a simple one to ask, still it is overlooked by most of the people. In their enthusiasm to purchase a single serving coffee maker at first visit, lots of customers blindly plunge into the machine markets without considering that what they need to get the most from their coffee.

Though, there are various kinds of single serving coffee brewers in the market and knowing your needs and requirements can automatically shrink the area of your consideration which means, serving high quality within no time.

Fundamentally, there are two kinds of single served coffee brewers in the stores: one kind makes special beverages while other provides regular taste of coffee.

Regular coffee can be understood with its name. It is the normal filter coffee that does not include espresso, frothy milk or any other special fixing.

Since makers that only gives regular coffee have the simplest operating mechanism, thus choosing one from them is not a big issue. Normally, you need to look over three things: price, durability or functionality and coffee selection.
When you get a specific machine that you want, figure out the types of capsules it can brew to make coffee. This search can be done simply by the help of the best single served coffee maker reviews