Single serve coffee maker

Single serve coffee maker

Keurig B60 Special Edition
Probably the most popular brand out there is Keurig. They make a variety of different single serve makers with several different features and prices. The price ranges from

“Best single-serve coffee maker out there”

If youre trying to make a decision between the Keurig B40,B50,and B60 and the Senseo or Tassimo. The Keurig line hands down beats the distant competition in the temperature, construction quality and variety of flavors.

Negatives – The only negative IA can think of is the price of the Keurig machines are normally a bit higher ranging between $79 and $179. You can catch them on sale but I find that Amazon has the best prices and I searched high and low.

Find out more, and buy the Keurig B60 Best Deal.

Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Senseo single serve brewer uses different coffee packages called pods. There are different models to choose but mainly are based on color not features. Insert the pod and add water then push a button.
Negatives: Less expensive but also I hear the pods are not as good
Positives: More variety and selection in pods. You can also find them at the local supermarket
K-Cup Brewers Coffee Pod Brewers which take coffee pods. There are many different coffee pod brewers, made by a variety of manufacturers. Most are available through
Tassimo Brewers There are two T-Disc brewers, the Braun Tassimo and the Bosch Tassimo. Both are available through
best on keurig coffee maker: Keurig Single Serve Coffee and Tea

Keurig Single Serve Coffee and Tea Brewing Select B77 Review

Keurig Single Serve Coffee and Tea Brewing Select B77 Feature
• Always ready- brews in 1 minute
• 1-touch brewing: 4 sizes
• Programmable on/off
• Programmable LCD control center w/ blue backlight
• Makes up to 10 cups before refilling
Keurig Single Serve Coffee and Tea Brewing Select B77 Overview
Deliciously simple® in than 60 seconds! gourmet Keurig® Ultra B77 single serve coffee offers easy one-touch brewing brewing sizes, advanced programmable LCD control center, 24-hour digital clock and removable drip tray.Features:* Color: Silver/Black * Quiet Brew TechnologyTM * Patented microprocessor controlled technology * Removable 60oz. water reservoir w/ blue light- up to 10 cups before refilling * ready- brews in 1 minute * Programmable LCD control center w/ blue backlight * 24-hour digital clock * Programmable on/off * 1-touch brewing: 4 sizes o 4 oz. brew o 6 oz. brew o 8 oz. brew o 10 oz. brew * Chrome handle * Drip tray removable to accomodate taller travel mugs * Power: 1500 watts * Voltage: 120VAC/60HZ * UL / c-UL approved for household use * Includes: My K-cup Reusable Coffee Filter: you to use your ground coffee, 12 K-Cup variety pack + 60 K-Cup bonus pack (72 total K-Cups included) * Dimensions: 13H x 10W x 13.25D * Weight: 12 lbs. empty; 15 lbs. * 1 year limited warranty .

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The Coffee Maker Review Senseo is In

Senseo Philips have worked collectively to develop a single serve coffee maker, a quality brewer takes full advantage coffee pods to produce perfect cups coffee every time.

If youre thinking buying this machine, hopefully this coffee makers review, Senseo in, help youre to or not.
First all, this Philips Coffee brewer in a sturdy aluminum construction. Not only does look sturdy, absolutely fabulous as .

Its water reservoir easily viewable; therefore its easy to see if have enough water left in tank. Its drip tray, made stainless steel, does not take away from its appearance as .

Not only does make great cups coffee, its easy to as . either make one 4oz cup, two 4oz cups, or one 8oz cup coffee.
It uses Philips patented brewing uses only right amount water at right temperature to extract full flavor coffee pods efficiently.

You longer to measure grind coffee beans, because this machine takes full advantage coffee pods. insert coffee pod choice machine, press a button to start brewing.

What also convenient coffee pods make different cups different blends flavors people in household have prefer different flavors coffee.

The water reservoir detachable, allowing to tap. stainless steel drip tray ensures cups stable spout, any spills go tray not on kitchen counter.

Various expert reviews, customer reviews, discussions praise Philips Senseo brewer its sturdy construction quality design. to great cups coffee ease mess, choice various flavors coffee pods.
The only drawbacks Philips machine availability coffee pods its price tag. However, if there ample supply coffee pods in area if afford to this machine, then take full advantage this great quality coffee machine.

#1 Very Convienient! Where To Get A Keurig B70 Gourmet Single-Cup

Keurig B70 Gourmet Single-Cup Home Brewing System Reviewed William N. Wang (USA)

Satisfied Rating (10/10)
good coffee, fuss, lots variety
easy do: grind own beans a K-Cup (requires editing and cut a k cup and place in bathtub water seaping a little longer.) You also King time K-cups about5-6 crushes. Both have been in majority older people and works people cuts harder!
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Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

• Reusable K-Cup coffee filter exclusive to the Keurig Home Brewing System
• Allows users to their own gourmet ground coffee Keurig brewer
• Works Keurig home brewers B40 Elite, B50 Ultra, and B60 Special Edition
• Does fit B100, B100P, B2000/3 Keurig brewers
• Rinse under running water after each use
Product DescriptionMy K-Cup reusable coffee filter – own gourmet coffee disposable filter. Exclusively for the Keurig home brewing . . . . More>>
Keurig K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

Bosch TAS1000UC Tassimo Single-Serve Coffee Brewer, Anthracite

• Fully automatic single-serve coffee brewer T-Discs with barcode technology
• No measuring, fuss, and virtually cleanup; customizable size and strength
• 3.3 bars of pressure; LED user interface; height-adjustable cup stand; water-level indicator
• Automatically reverts to stand-by mode to save energy; flow-through water heater
• Measures 13-1/5 by 8 by 11 inches

Video Reviews No video reviews found product. Customer Reviews Review Date: September 13, 2009Reviewer: JB, Redwood City, CAI to say item impressed me kitchen appliance I purchased in the fifteen years.

Like all new concepts, tend to raise eyebrows a bit about a new method of preparing age old food preparation, it a blender, chopper, in case the traditional coffee maker. Frankly, real concern the future availability of the Tassimo Coffee T-discs them, the system useless of .

But after father passed away two years ago, mom to drink instant coffee after being a brewed coffee devotee over 65 years. Brewing 8 cups of traditionally coffee a single elderly person to a waste of time, well unused coffee. to , a perfect candidate unique individual cup coffee brewer. tried item in upscale Resort Hotel a business trip, I convinced to it a answer to Moms particular situation.

The coffee absolutely WONDERFUL! fell in love with Starbucks Columbian pods, but I purchased the Verona, Cappucino, well the Expresso Pods and continue to purchase new blends beome . tea drinking Sister lives nearby and visits , I purchased the Twinings Chai Latte well the Earl Grey Tea T-Discs so could a hot beverage with Mom are .
Although I traditionally grind & brew Gevalia Coffee Beans here home in a 8 cup brewer, I to purchase additional Bosch Tassimo maker home well; the availability of Expresso and Cappuccino brews something I I desire. , Sisters best friend who lost her husband recently tried it Moms home, and purchased her a new Bosch Tassimo maker her home her birthday gift.

Incredibly easy to operate, 87 year old mother problem in brewing the wonderfully fresh hot brewed coffee enjoyed over 65 years.

I want to Amazon. again searching out unique and quality kitchen appliance that become a winner entire family of coffee and tea lovers. I received Email from Amazon notifying me of a new shipment of Tassimo T-discs that arrived central warehouse which way fine Internet Products purveyor does outstanding job regular customers.

Review Date: December 3, 2009Reviewer: Brenda Pink, Lethbridge, AB, CANI purchased machine because I like to drink various drinks the whim takes me. Tassimo allows to do . , of the time Im by myself, so dont need to a large pot of coffee. Before I the purchase, I comparing Keurig with the Tassimo. The reason I chose the Tassimo a) the price b) the T-discs were the K-cups and the K-cups the stores here carried were Van Houtte coffee, which I detest c) reviews the Tassimo lattes and cappuccinos. Im extremely with the machine the following reasons:

– absolutely mess

– the availability of different brews, from very dark roasts to light roast, hot chocolate (which IS a bit sweet), teas, lattes (in particular fave, chai latte), cappuccinos, espressos, cremas and even decafs I like a darker roast but even able to find t-disks that were strong me

– I like that I 4 friends over and them preference of hot brews

– the tank that I dont to it each cup

– the bar code reader means a perfect brew each time

– the size small, smaller old espresso machine and regular drip coffee machine (both of which sold off)

– a cup of coffee in a matter of minutes vs a drip coffee machine even a french press

– the cleaner disk, simply spit out hot water tea bags

– of the t-disks are a reasonable price, brewing a cuppa less 50 cents a cup. The Starbucks disks are expensive, closer to a dollar a cup, but the hey, did pay the time went a Starbucks?

Cons and yes, even though I LOVE machine, ARE cons:

– of the disks a small cuppa (10 oz)unless the breakfast blends, which a bigger cup, simply brew 2 disks.

– the cup stand doesnt finite adjustment fit a regular sized mug, the stand adjusts smaller mugs, but its a leap to a large mug. a slightly bigger mug, to set it the bottom and splashing

– the foam stable coffee shop foams, but $99, I didnt expect it to . well the foam stability depends the t-disk manufacturer well. Nabob cappuccino firm foam that lasted the duration of the drink.

– t-disk storage takes up a bit of space but Im still in the try all the varieties until I find favourite brew stage, so I a lot of selections the moment

In Dec 2009, Tassimo coming out with packages of the latte cream. able to use it simply a milk frother , of favourite brews a latte.