single-serve coffee maker single-serve coffee maker

Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte
Product Features
• Delicious lattes in one simple touch
• 24-ounce capacity to serve more than one drink at a time
• Auto power off once drink is ready
• Also makes hot chocolate; recipe book with 20 latte and hot chocolate recipes included
• Uses 4-cup basket coffee filters (not included)
BobbieK says:
I do it my way and save money at the same time I have been using the for quite some time, but have always wished that I could have something warm for winter. I did purchase a hot chocolate maker, but wasnt really happy with it. Back to Basics CM300BR Cocoa-Latte Chrome 32-Ounce Hot-Drink Maker it is very nice for a crowd, but not so great for one person.So this particular item has made a
digit0lchica04 says:
Not exactly what I expected, but works good. Overall, I am satisfied. Pros: There are many different variations/recipes you can make which is useful, and it also makes good hot chocolate/chai lattes. The drinks come out extra hot (a plus for me since I take my drinks on the go) and they are easy to make. It makes the equivalent of two 16 oz lattes. Machine is comparatively affordable to others like it. Cons: I was disappointed to find out that it does not make a true latte. What this machine makes is properly called a cafe au lait. The
Kathleen San Martino says:
Creates delicious coffee lattes; can be used to create tea lattes and hot chocolate also As soon as I received this, I put it into service and made a double serving of the basic cafe latte. It came out delicious with lots of foam. My boyfriend raved about the cafe latte; which is unusual for him. In fact, he raved about it even more than I did and I thought it was very good. We did not lack for frothperhaps because I used skim milk which froths well. When the brewing cycle was complete, I just poured our drinks and used a spoon to scoop out copious amounts of froth on top of